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drinking milk


CONGRATULATIONS to "The Greek" for his entry: "GOT MILK".
This was a difficult decision to make, and a lot of nuance was taken into account. There were some very fun and some very smart entries, but as far as sheer humor goes (whether The Greek intended it or not), this entry is just plain better than you(rs).
So, Mr. "The Greek",
Would you email me your address so I can make your shirt and then send it to you? No guarantees about how long it will take, but don't expect it for another two weeks.
Nate Notes will resume daily posting tomorrow.
Best to all,

Friday, January 18, 2008


For today's Nate Note, I offer you not just something of my own creation, but something that we can create TOGETHER, something beautiful do demonstrate the true loving bond between artist and audience, something new and exciting:
As you look at the image above, let your imagination run wild! Give that wit of yours a nice, healthy jog. And when you come up with something dazzling and brilliant, post it in the comment box below for me (and everyone else) to laugh at. I, myself will judge the entries, and decide who has put the funniest, cleverest, and most creative caption, and they will be named the WINNER. The WINNER will receive a CUSTOM MADE T-shirt with the image and their caption on it! For reals!
Go to, my readers! Show me what you got! You've got until Monday!

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